Table Top Pizza Oven



Pizzas are a long standing favourite for all generations. Nothing quite matches the experience of smoky, melted cheese with the slight tang of tomato sauce. Yet not all pizzas are cooked equally! The Table Top Pizza Oven is delightfully compact and suited for all sizes of garden. Regardless of whether you have a large lawn or a bijou courtyard garden, as long as you have space for a table, you’ll have space for this delightful option for outdoor cooking. It turns out pizzas that any Napolitan would be proud of.

Made from British mild steel, it has a small fire box at the back which takes kindling sticks; and can be re-fuelled easily with the detachable handle. The fire box should be lit 20-30 minutes before cooking and can reach temperatures up to 400 degrees.

For the best results, use pine kindling no longer than 17cm. Pine kindling is a softwood and will burn with a flame and leaves no embers. Hardwoods such as Oak and Ash are not suitable as they create heat but not flames. The pizza oven is heated by the flames from the fire box, travelling along the ceiling and out the chimney.

Accessorise Your Table Top Pizza Oven

The accessories section provides you with various options with useful extras to assist in cooking and managing your fire. There are numerous accessories available: from Fire Pit BBQ Gloves, a fire poker, ash rake, or even a pizza paddle for taking pizza in and out of your Table Top Pizza Oven.

Maintaining Your Pizza Oven

NB: All our fire pits, lids and accessories will begin to rust immediately and will not maintain their black finish. However, this will not affect their long term durability. All our fire pits are handmade from sheet steel which has naturally occurring blemishes, there may be very slight variations in the forging and finish. 

Technical Specifications

Material Length Width Height inc Legs Height inc Chimney Height of Oven Oven Opening Fire Box Opening Weight Pizza Oven
2mm Steel 60cm 50cm 35cm 70cm 18cm 34cm x 12cm 24cm x 12cm 28kg

All measurements and weights are approximate.


Additional information

Weight 28 kg
Dimensions 60 × 50 × 35 cm