Fire Pits

Fire Pits For All Year Round

Our fire pits are a wonderful addition to add to your garden. Made in Britain, their construction is durable and displays real craftsmanship.

As summer arrives and we spend more and more time outdoors; most of us love to cook and eat outside. Unlike a regular fire pit, these don’t have to be just for warmth. They are incredibly versatile and intentiionally designed to also be used as a barbecue. We have a variety of options to choose from with different sizes and attachments available.

With our smallest fire pit starting at 50cm and the largest going to 160cm we have a fire pit for all sizes of gardens.

When summer sadly departs and autumn and winter appear, unlike a regular barbecue which often gets packed up at this point and put away until next year; our fire pits can still be used. Gather round them in the evenings and enjoy the ambiance of relaxing and sitting around an open fire with family and friends.

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