4D Virtual Theatre

Do you find it difficult to visualise how your kitchen design would look and feel?

Would an island work in your kitchen or a peninsula? Wander around your kitchen design and let the 4D VR show you how it would look within your own home.

Our 4D theatre allows you to open doors, open drawers and even turn on taps. Watch the water come pouring out of the tap and with our cameras detecting your every movement and hand placement; you can even see the water splash off your hand.

With our new installation; we can design your kitchen then upload it onto the VR Theatre. You can experience your new kitchen before making any purchases and thus avoid a potentially costly mistake.

Experience a fully immersive 4D Virtual Theatre, right here in Cornwall.

If you would like a 4D Design created of your kitchen, please fill out the form below and we will come back to you with times and availability.